At the foot of the Sierra Nevada National Park and with the water coming from the thaw of the winter snows of its mountains, we raise and fatten our snails of the Helix Aspersa Muller species, in an ecologically exploited farm, where the snails live in a similar environment to nature and without being subjected to any type of stress.

And from them, in the breeding season (spring and autumn), in a completely natural and artisanal way, we collect their roe every day, with which, then, we elaborate our exquisite White Caviar from Sierra Nevada.

This daily process involves a series of rigorous steps: meticulous washing and selection of roe (to guarantee organoleptic properties of the product within the limits of quality established by our brand), brine and vacuum packaging in aseptic conditions and controlled temperature.

Its color, appearance, texture, and peculiar flavor will contribute to give a new and distinctive touch to your haute cuisine dishes.

Because we respect the natural life cycle of the snail, our production is limited and seasonal.

We are in the process of obtaining the ecological certification of the product.

REGA: 180470000060

This farm is located in Cenes de la Vega, Granada (Spain).